Chauncey Langeais
Age 400+
Occupation Student (Formally)
Gender Male
Home Loire Valley, France (Formally)

Coldwater, Maine (formally)

Height 6'10"
Race Nephilim
Fate Deceased
Appearances Hush, Hush
Mentioned Crescendo


Chauncey Langeais is Patch's former Nephilim Vassal, who wants to have revenge on the fallen angel for tricking him into swearing an oath that will allow Patch to take control over his body for two weeks during the Hebrew month of Cheshvan.


Most of the times accompanied with Elliot He inherited the power to create illusions from his father, using it to frighten Nora numerous times in the book. He would also use Elliot as his pawn in his plan to hurt Patch. As a Nephilim, he is killed when Nora sacrificed herself by jumping off the rafters in her school gym. Patch explains that when Nora came back, Chauncey didn't have a soul to reanimate his body, successfully killing him for good.


Chauncey/ Jules is dark and six-foot-ten Nephilim with shoulder length blonde hair and a piercing in his right ear.